At Ejvinds we are always on the hunt

Baker-solid or season

We are looking for a trained baker to join our team of skilled bakers. You will participate in our main production in Hvide Sande, and in cooperation with the remaining team will mainly deal with the production of various doughs such as puff pastry, rolled doughs, sourdough, etc.

We are both interested in a permanent full - time position, but also a seasonal worker from approximately May-October.

Flexible working hours can be offered according to your wishes. We have 2 teams:
1. Night shift-meeting time at. 01:00-02:00
2. Day shift-meeting time at. 06:00

The night shift is primarily concerned with baking, freshening, packing, glazing and light production of dough.

The day team is our production team, and are the ones who take care of the largest part of the production of all our products.

It is possible to enter a fixed on one or the other team, and there is also the possibility of varying times if you wish. In general, we are very open to your wishes regarding meeting time, and can accommodate most.

We only expect 3 things from you:

  • Meeting stable
  • Passionate about the profession
  • Trained Baker

We offer:

  • Good salary
  • Possibility of flexible working hours
  • A company in development
  • Free fixed weekday + every other weekend ( or other that suits you)

Are you interested, please send an application to:

Remember to attach a resume and tell a little about yourself.

Apprentice-baker or confectioner

We are always interested in educating the future people of the industry, and we educate both bakers and confectioners. As an apprentice you must:

  • Would work with a craft
  • Willing to learn many new skills
  • Be fresh in the morning
  • Meeting stable
  • Communicate in Danish, as all teaching at the school is in Danish
  • The rest we will teach you ;)


As an apprentice, one alternates between school and work in the company. It therefore combines practice and theory continuously throughout the training.

There is a great demand for skilled bakers and confectioners, so it is a really good training to have and that can be used all over the world.

If it sounds like a career for you, then write an application or if you just want to hear more:


We have a very versatile workplace, and are always looking for more hands to help get the wheels running around. As a working person, your tasks will often involve tasks such as:

  • Help baker / pastry chef with daily tasks
  • Cleaning
  • Delivery of goods

To perform the position, it requires that you:

  • Is meeting stable and fresh in the morning
  • Fresh on different tasks that can vary from day-to-day
  • Work every other weekend
  • Could commit you in Danish or English

Send your application to:

Shop clerk-Hvide Sande

We are looking for a shop clerk in our department at the harbor in hvide sande. There is the possibility of both permanent employment or seasonal work from approximately May-October. Furthermore, there is the possibility of both full-time or more / less if you wish.

Your work tasks will involve:

  • Dispatch of customers
  • Guidance about our products
  • Cleaning and maintenance of premises
  • Ordering goods
  • In cooperation provide a good experience for our customers

As a shop clerk, there are few but very important requirements:

  • Smiling and happy personality - it rubs off on both your colleagues and customers ;)
  • Can handle stressful situations with a long queue with a smile and calmness
  • Be able to understand and perform in Danish (if you have German / English knowledge it is a plus)

It's not a requirement you are educated or have had experience in the industry-we will teach you :-)

Working hours will vary and range from 06:00 to 20:00 and weekend work may occur.

Salary is given according to qualifications and agreed upon by interview.

For further information and to apply for the position, please send an application

Remember to include a CV and your contact information.