Ejvind's Bakery

Ejvind's Bakery was founded in Hvide Sande in 1956 by Lissi and Ejvind Jørgensen.
Ejvind's youngest son-Merrild Jørgensen, together with his wife, Ilse Jørgensen, took over Ejvind's Bakery in 1988. for the next 30 years, Merrild and Ilse Jørgensen ran the bakery. In 2018, two of Ilse and Merrild's Sons bought into the company, and the 4 still run the bakeries today.
Ejvind's bakery focuses on balancing innovation and tradition, to maintain the old craftsmanship in new innovative products.
The quality of the raw materials is reflected in Ejvinds ' products, and therefore all raw materials are carefully selected. The focus is on honest, local and recognized ingredients.
In this way, Ejvind's Bakery still works based on Ejvind Jørgensen's statement - ”good ingredients and good craftsmanship”.

Cookies By Ejvinds

The goal of Cookies by Ejvinds was to make the best Cookies in the world. We tested countless recipes and methods, we baked and tasted several hundred different flavors, and the result was good, but not good enough. We therefore chose to do as we have done with our other products, we looked behind. We went back to the foundation stone, and used old-fashioned bakery methods. We handled all raw materials by hand, and made sure to use the best raw materials on the market. Flour sifted by hand, 100% Danish butter, and treatment of the dough wisely. These initiatives gave our Cookies the last nuances, and we now have a product we can be proud of as skilled bakers.

Not just an ordinary Cookie, but a craft made with precision and thoughtfulness.

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3 generations journeyman letter

Svendebrev for bager

Here you will see 3 generations of journeyman letters, in the following order from left to right. Magne Jørgensen born in 1901, Ejvind Jørgensen born in 1925, and finally Merrild Jørgensen born in 1964.

Ejvind's Bakery, Hvide Sande, 1956

In 1956 Ejvind's Bakery was just a small building on Nørregade in Hvide Sande. The Baker lived by local customers and fishermen who had to fill the ship before going back to sea.

Ejvind's Bakery, Hvide Sande, 1988

In 1988 Ejvinds was established. The city of Hvide Sande saw a surge of tourism, especially from Germany. This year, 1988, was the year when the founder Ejvind Borggaard Jørgensen, and his wife Lissi Borggaard Jørgensen transferred the company to their youngest son Merrild Borggaard Jørgensen, and his wife Ilse Sand Jørgensen.

Ejvinds Bakery, Hvide Sande, 2018

In 2018, Ejvinds was now not only Ilse and Merrilds, but two of their sons are now part of the company. Jeppe and Mads Borggaard Jørgensen, both contribute to the development of the bakery, and it is now not just a single bakery in Hvide Sande, but five bakeries distributed around Denmark.