Frequently asked questions

What makes your Cookies so special?
  • All our Cookies are produced in the hands of skilled bakers. When we started experimenting with Cookies, we chose to go back and use old and traditional handicraft flavors.

  • We use local and honest ingredients with the highest quality on the market. All our Cookies are 100% butter baked in Danish butter, which gives our Cookies a unique and round taste.

How long are my Cookies "fresh"?
  • Our Cookies have a long shelf life, but you may risk that your Cookie will be a little dry after the 14 days. If you want a longer shelf life, you may want to put your Cookies in an airtight container.

What is the delivery time on my order?
  • It can vary between 1-2 days.

Do you have products for people with nut allergies?
  • All our Cookies are produced in a bakery, where we also produce nut based products. All machines are carefully cleaned after use.

  • Our Oatmeal Cookie and Peanut Caramel Cookie are the only Cookies that contain nuts.

Are you broadcasting this weekend?
  • If you order your Cookie box on Saturday or Sunday, we will ship your package on Monday morning.
  • We ship every weekday.

I would like to make a special order for your Cookies, how do I do this?
  • If you have special requests for an order please contact us through mail at: oliver@ejvinds.dk. 

Where do you bake your Cookies?
  • We have our main production in Hvide Sande, where we bake, pack and send all our Cookies. If you want to visit our shop belonging to the production, then you can see the address on the page "Contact and opening hours".

When Will my Cookies be baked?
  • We bake all Cookies the same day we pack and send. In this way, we make sure that your Cookies are completely fresh!