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Cookie of the Month - August

Cookie of the Month August

Now we can finally unveil our latest initiative here at Cookies by Ejvinds. From August 1, we will have the Cookie of the Month on the website! Every month we develop a new cookie, which can only be purchased in the individual month.

The Cookie of the Month for August is: Limited Edition - Liquorice Cookie 🍪

We have been working on a cookie with licorice for a long time, but we have never made it live up to the desired quality until now! We tested MANY different types of Licorice, Powder, Chocolate, Creams and Sweets, but there was always something that went wrong.
Licorice easily releases a burnt taste after baking, so you have to be careful with the temperature. Even licorice chocolate released small burnt flavor nuances, and we had to solve that.
The closest we came were the different creams, but these creams did not live up to our desired quality.

The solution?
We then make our own version of a Licorice Cream! A licorice powder made from real licorice root is whipped up with a Belgian Chocolate. If the chocolate is whipped enough, gives an airy consistency. This happens due to the heat impact that comes from whipping something at high speed and this breaks down the chocolate.
When the consistency of the chocolate is airy, we add the licorice. Here you have to be careful, as you must not whip the chocolate too much. The speed is reduced and whipped for a few seconds so that the licorice is evenly distributed in the airy chocolate.
Now we have our Licorice Cream on white chocolate!

The fat content of the chocolate protects the licorice during baking, and in this way we ensure that there are no burnt notes in our Cookie.
Our Limited Edition - Liquorice Cookie, is a product we are extremely proud of, as it has taken us a long time to make perfect.
You can mix it in your Cookie Box from the 1st to the 31st of August!
Do you also need to try our Liquorice Cookie before it expires?🍪


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